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Mercedes Leasing and Contract Hire from CVC

Mercedes-Benz state their logo as “The Best or Nothing”. Quite apt really, as you take a moment to savour the attention to detail combined with jaw dropping performance from their AMG models. Even base models such as those from the A Class offer a quality and level of refinement that is arguably one of the best from mass producing vehicle manufacturers.

Not just associated with passenger cars, Mercedes are known across the world for their luxury vehicles, in addition to their trucks and lorries, buses, vans and coaches. Their inclusion in Formula 1 too reflects their diversity as a leading vehicle manufacturer. The name Mercedes-Benz spans back to 1926 under their parent company Daimler-Benz and ever since, they have been responsible for some of the most distinguished prestige road vehicles of all time.

Many of the world’s leaders have been chauffeured or have owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles. One of the most infamous was Adolf Hitler whose Type 770 model was fitted with bulletproof windows. A beautiful object to see as many other models are, the full-size luxury car had an inline 7.7l 8-cylinder engine and a luxurious interior as you’d expect on such a stately vehicle.

With several side companies now part of Mercedes, including Maybach and AMG, the companies scope for providing one of the largest catalogues of vehicles is nigh on unprecedented. Offering vehicles from the small hatchback A Class to the mid-sized C Class Saloon, all the way to the GLE SUV and the S Class for the height of luxury travel, there is a Mercedes-Benz for every driver.

Whether taking advantage of a stock special deal or choosing to bide your time (sometimes for several months) when placing a factory order for a Mercedes tailored to your exact requirements, here at Cort Vehicle Contracts Ltd we ensure a smooth and professional service. Our expert team of specialists work by liaising with manufacturers and dealerships to help ensure every detail of your order goes to plan.

Call our team today to discuss your Mercedes Lease and let Cort Vehicle Contracts get you on the right road to driving your new Mercedes car or van now.