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Jaguar Leasing and Contract Hire from CVC

Jaguar is one of the best-loved motor brands – in fact any brand – in the world. With a great history both in racing and road cars, the Jaguar is a must-have for any motoring enthusiast.

We can help you find the perfect Jag on lease or contract hire deals. For business, or for personal lease deals, we use Jaguar dealers across the UK to source the right model at the best price.

Take a look at our wide range of cars, including the Jaguar XF, which has all the refinement of a luxury executive car with the sporty edge you’d expect from this brand.

For another taste of design and engine class, take a look at the XJ, which has won both praise and criticism for its looks, but has had reviewers swooning over its power, ride and drive.

Sourcing from UK Jaguar dealerships, we can find exactly the right lease or contract hire car for you today.