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The Advantages and Benefits of Changing to an Electric Car

Electric cars are featuring more and more frequently in the headlines and are fast becoming the number one choice for car ownership or leasing.


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Top manufacturers are changing the way they build cars and Volvo has even made an announcement saying that every new car built from 2019 will have an electric motor. The UK government has also made statements that include seeing all cars on the road change to electric by 2040.

So, why are electric cars so important and how will the changeover effect the everyday person?

Environmental Impact

Removing gas fuelled engines will dramatically reduce the negative impact on the environment. In fact, using an electric car doesn’t just reduce the emissions produced it eliminates them all together. This is the number one reason that attracts so many people to electric options rather than their gas guzzling cousins and is becoming increasingly important.

Car models have been made increasingly more efficient however, due to the increase in cars on the road in the UK the total emissions from all cars has only fallen 7% since 2000. Long term hopes for electric and hybrid cars were dashed when only 5% of the 2.5 million new cars sold were electric vehicles.

Lower Costs

A huge advantage of electric vehicles is the running cost. Petrol or diesel cars will cost you between £13 and £16 to travel 100 miles an electric, will only cost between £2 and £4. Reducing your running costs by around 4 times is a huge saving and a benefit that cannot be overlooked with the increasing prices of petrol and taxes for emissions.


All electric vehicles require very little maintenance which over the lifetime of the vehicle will provide huge savings. Technology in the brakes designed to recharge the battery actually causes the brake pads to last for longer whilst allowing your vehicle to run for longer.


Contrary to belief electric car performance has rocketed to match even the combustion engine in some areas. Tesla has done a lot for the image of electric cars releasing a model that boasts a 0 to 60mph of the line acceleration in just 2.5 seconds.

The Tesla Model S and Roadster are capable of between 240 to 270 mile driving ranges have fast battery charging times, striking looks and luxury and high tech features.

Electric car models are available to suit everyone from the luxurious executive type to a more spacious and functional vehicle to accommodate the needs of the average family.


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Electric Cars Are the Future

Electric cars will soon be the number one choice with supporting infrastructures being introduced at an accelerated rate. There are already over 7500 individual charging stations set to increase exponentially over the coming years.

If you haven’t considered an electric car yet, maybe it’s time. You’ll be a good Samaritan for the environment, save yourself a huge amount of money and have all the features and performance of the petrol predecessors.




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