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So you are looking make a major decision of buying a car and you do not know where to start particularly when it comes to getting the most suitable car finance near you. It might get even trickier if you are having issues with your credit score. Well, regardless of the side of the divide that you belong to, there is always a way out.

What happens in the auto financing world is similar to what is obtainable in any industry, with the major players banking on the idea that most of the potential customers tend to follow the crowd. As regards qualifying for a car loan, this means picking up the phone or going online and subsequently contacting any lending institution they are able to find.

This seems easy and straightforward and particularly works well for people who have good or excellent credit scores. However, the case might be a bit different for persons with fair or poor scores of below 550.

It is usually advised that you take a different approach and think outside the box if you have a bad credit score and are looking to get qualified for a car loan.

The tips mentioned are applicable to all classes of auto loan applicants for the closest car finance regardless of their credit history.

Explore your credit reports from all the major credit bureaus

While this might not have a strong relationship with finding the car finance near you, it is worth noting one of the major factors that determine the affordability of car finance is your credit report. Therefore, it is advised that you start out by getting your story straight about your credit history. As the borrower, you are required to know the details of your financial history as this makes the lender feel confident that they can make you an auto loan offer.

It is advised that you get your report from all the reporting bureaus, subsequently taking notes on anything noteworthy and getting ready to discuss it if necessary.

Use the internet to find suitable lenders

As mentioned earlier, it might be worth doing something different from the tradition and this will involve going online to find lenders that are close to you are willing to work with you. This is particularly true for bad credit borrowers. The internet is a great research tool and can also be deployed in this situation. Drawing up a list of 4 to 7 lenders will be a good start to finding car finance near you.

Take notes on the rates featured on their websites

Visit the website of each of the lenders on your list and look at their featured auto loan rates. The next step will be to apply for the most affordable and suitable loan. You are advised to continue until you are able to get a minimum of 3 offers.

The 3 tips mentioned above will you figure to out the best way to get affordable car loans near you.


Poor Credit When Buying a New Car

Some clients may have poor credit and are looking to buy a new car. Blip Car Finance offer this service whicjh is pretty new in the UK and not many companies offer Brand New Cars to clients which a poor credit record.

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