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Range Rover PHEV P400e

The Range Rover has come along way from the gentleman farmers go to for conveniently stacking shotguns in the back – the original demographic when it was launched in 1970. Since then the Range Rover has exploded globally and is the choice off-roader for royalty, rappers, and celebrities the world over.

the world over.

The P400e is the new hybrid electric Range Rover and has all of the benefits of the traditional models and combined with the benefits of electrification; Environmentally Friendly, Reduced Fuel Costs and Tax Savings.




It’s a luxurious, eco-friendly combination, kitted with an electric and petrol engine so you can drive without worrying about your next recharge pit stop. A fully charged battery will allow for a commute of 15 miles each way of silent electric-powered driving. The fuel economy is fantastic too – actually it’s better than a Toyota Prius at over 100mpg! It’s a smooth, silent operator with torque and lots of power to back it up in all terrains.

As with any Range Rover, the expected standards of comfort do not disappoint. Some of the interior features include; an infotainment system, twin 10in touchscreens, wider seats, relocation of controls to the doors and “The Autobiography” version also includes “Executive Class Seating”, featuring massage and recline functions that put business class airline seats to shame.




PHEV Charging


Charging your battery is as simple as plugging it into a domestic power socket overnight. A full charge is achieved within 7.5 hours and this allows for a journey of up to 31 miles emissions free. Installing a wall box is an alternative option which reduces the charge time tremendously. Using a wall box charge times can be as little as 2 hours ranging up to 5 hours.


Regenerative Braking


One incredibly genius feature of the P400e is the regenerative braking. By kinetic energy is harvested whilst braking and converted into electrical energy that recharges the battery on the go. This happens whilst braking and anytime you remove your foot from the accelerator.

In conclusion, the P400e has style, luxurious interiors and is economical and eco-friendly. The smooth ride and distinctive design, comforts and intelligently integrated hybrid solutions make this a great addition to the Range Rover line.







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